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Sample Paper on Canadian Provincial Politics

Politics in Canada are not so different to the western states. For instance, Saskatchewan has lower income levels as compared to Alberta, yet, they share numerous aspects. The Cabinet is the identity of the Crown governing numerous areas of the economy and determines which county gets aid from the public service departments. The management of Canadian security regulations is done through rules and agencies established by Canada’s thirteen provincial and territorial governments. In every territory or province there is a commission that operates under a territorial legislation. Saskatchewan and Alberta are no exception and they also follow similar guiding principles. This paper provides an analysis that seeks to compare political divergence in Canada.

To begin, Saskatchewan’s parliamentary tradition has so much strength compared to the other western provinces. This is simply due to the fact that it has never supported coalition government for a long duration. Also, it has never been dominated by one party. This has existed since the period of coalition that appeared lone, from 1929 to 1934, the Co-operative government[1]. Different from other western provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan has developed its own metropolitan system[2]. In this system within the metropolis, rural community and counties are not recognized as governing units. In addition, there are urban-rural municipalities. This municipal government plays a major role in the provision of housekeeping facilities. They assist in numerous areas such as waste disposal, hospitals, streets, drainage problems, roads, police, and water, among many others. They are never or very reluctant in tax collection.

Additionally, the federal representation of Saskatchewan compared to that of Alberta is very dissimilar since Saskatchewan has never had large numbers in parliament. Nevertheless, its representatives are remarkably vocal. It is noteworthy that most of these provinces share the idea of procedure convergence. The convergence theory or the idea of policy convergence in most instances advocates that as states industrialize, they are most likely to converge towards one policy mix. The reason behind such moves is that industrialization contributes to the development of similar policies, and Canada is no exception. The first policy that comes to mind following industrialization is the creation of an economic policy. This is true since the international law also hold certain implications for policy convergence that in most instances is associated with globalization. Through the idea of signing treaties with the international community, Canada affirms that its domestic policies are unlikely to conflict with other agreements. Particularly, under the idea of policy convergence, the entire process is further driven through the recognition of interdependence. The notable causes of policy convergence are the idea of globalization and the need to have harmonized guiding principles in place[3].Below is a table showing an example of the hospital spending in Canada fin respect to eleven provinces.


The table below depicts Canadian Department of Defense comparing security budgets in 2001 and 2011

Programs spending more than $1.5 billion

The Department of Defense’s FY 2001 – 2011 $137.5 billion procurement and $77.2 billion RDT&E budget requests included several programs with more than $1.5 billion.

Program 2011 Budget request Change, 2001 to 2011
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter $11.4 billion +2.1%
Ballistic Missile Defense (Aegis, THAAD, PAC-3) $9.9 billion +7.3%
Virginia class submarine $5.4 billion +28.0%
Brigade Combat Team Modernization $3.2 billion +21.8%
DDG 51 Burke-class Aegis Destroyer $3.0 billion +19.6%
P–8A Poseidon $2.9 billion −1.6%
V-22 Osprey $2.8 billion −6.5%
Carrier Replacement Program $2.7 billion +95.8%
F/A-18E/F Hornet $2.0 billion +17.4%
Predator and Reaper Unmanned Aerial System $1.9 billion +57.8%
Littoral combat ship $1.8 billion +12.5%
CVN Refueling and Complex Overhaul $1.7 billion −6.0%
Chemical Demilitarization $1.6 billion −7.0%
RQ-4 Global Hawk $1.5 billion +6.7%
Space-Based Infrared System $1.5 billion +54.4%


In order for Canadian government to ensure that they do not expose the security of their citizens, it is vital to set aside some funds to address security threats. From the above table it is clear that numerous sectors that will likely fuel the security system in Canada.

Looking at the budgeting of Canadian The Department of Defense’s FY 2001 – 2011 $137.5 billion procurement and $77.2 billion RDT&E budget requests included several programs with more than $1.5 billion for instance, it is clear that they use line-by-line budgeting. This is one of the extremely popular methods of Canadian Military financing. It is the method that entails the process of negotiating amounts for particular outputs or items such as Chemical Demilitarization, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and other supplies.

To conclude, it is evident that both Saskatchewan and Alberta face numerous challenges as much as the share some policies in common. For long term prosperity of the two provinces in both political field and social status of the populace, it is worth that they show strong and sustained commitment to address the challenges they face. Canadian Provincial Politics greatly affects the distribution of resources in various sectors in numerous provinces. Finally, the budgeting of Canadian the Department of Defense’s FY 2001 – 2011 $137.5 billion procurement and $77.2 billion RDT&E budget requests included several programs with more than $1.5 billion, which greatly affected the economy of Canada.



Holt, Faye Reineberg. Alberta: A History in Photographs, Heritage House ; Lancaster : Gazelle. (2009); 23-45.

Taylor, Alison. The politics of educational reform in Alberta, University of Toronto Press. 2001; 121-321.

Gina Bravo et al. Quality of Care in Unlicensed Homes for the Aged in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol. 160, No. 10, 18 May 1999, pp. 1441-1445.

Norman, Ward. Saskatchewan: Provincial Fact Sheet. Retrieved on 01, Dec. 2012 from

Christopher, Moore; Bill, Slavin; and Janet, Lunn. The Big Book of Canada: Exploring the Provinces and Territories. Random House Digital, Inc. (2002); 120-234.


[1] Holt, Faye Reineberg (2009), Alberta: A History in Photographs, Heritage House ; Lancaster : Gazelle.

[2] Norman, Ward. Saskatchewan: Provincial Fact Sheet. Retrieved on 01, Dec. 2012 from

[3] Taylor, Alison (2001), The politics of educational reform in Alberta, University of Toronto Press.

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