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Why Academic Writing Essay Examples Are Important to Examine

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Main Types of Academic Essay Examples and Their Differences

An academic essay is a type of academic paper that includes discussion from different points of the topic examples. In the academic essay examples, you have to give some arguments for and some against and sum up it with the conclusion. There are different examples of an academic essay, so let’s find out the main examples.

In the research paper essay example, you can see that the point is in explaining the academic knowledge you gained after a deep investigation of examples in any theme. Information you gained from academic books, analytic articles, science tables, and interviews should be described in the examples of this essay type. You put your new academic acquirements on the paper and discuss how they affected your outlook.

The other type is the communication essay example. Here you don’t have to analyze examples of information deeply. In communication examples, you should describe types, sides, and communication tips.

If you look for a health essay example, the theme of the academic discussion will be around new health investigations or health threats. Here the main figure is a person and different sides of their health, from simple cold healing to COVID-19 avoiding examples.

Writing a healthcare essay example, although it seems similar, for sure has its distinctions. This type of academic essay examples aims not to discuss a person and their problematic health examples but more those of the whole system. Examples of advancing preventive medicine for the public or new legislation may be the main subject of discussion.

There are theoretical and practical points in academic computer science essay examples you look for. The subject is related to the study of computers and physical objects or informational technologies.

Quality engineering essay sample demands on the writer more knowledge in physics and usually has to show or describe the new or used materials, methods, and examples of received results. It is unlike the social study academic writing examples, as here you cannot only discuss the matter but have to reinforce it by numbers and study results.

In the academic marketing essay example, you show the importance of marketing and its influence on the product and audience. You can also show examples of great marketing solutions and successful communication in the academic essay examples you write.

Interesting Sample Collage Essays: How to Choose a Topic?

There exist different types of academic essay examples, not only depending on the subject and sphere of writing but the tone and problem. There are four main groups that have different purposes, so you can find examples of descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository themes.

For example academic essay that is expository aims to explain the subject to the audience with the arguments and facts that are proved. In this type of academic essay examples, you don’t give your personal examples, view, or comments. This essay type demands only pure analysis of the sources you have. So, the main point here is to inform the audience using logic, not just assumptions. Topic in such type of academic essay usually starts with “What,” “Why,” followed by the problematic.

The next type of sample college essays is persuasive, together with expository. They are the most spread examples in college or university. In this type of academic essay examples, you don’t have to use arguments, as the main purpose here is to convince the audience that your point of view is the only true. You can use emotional arguments, examples or logical approaches. Whatever you choose for your essay, you have to be persuasive. The examples of topics in this type usually begin with “Should,” followed by the question that is widely discussed in social or academic circles.

A descriptive example of an academic essay has the main goal of presenting the essence of any fact or example in plain language to the reader. In this type of academic essay examples, you don’t have to look for arguments. You need only to find appropriate information regarding the topic and retell it in your own words. A narrative academic essay is similar, but you have to present information on concrete examples and create a story. Usually, the main idea in narrative academic essay examples is not written in words but seen between the lines.

How to Find Quality Essay Writing Sample Online

In writing, process examples help a lot, as you have a visual demonstration of what your academic essay has to look like. If you look for a research paper sample, you need to understand how it should look and what are the main points, elements, and goals of the examples. It is crucial because if you fail to find decent examples, you risk repeating the mistakes made in an academic essay.

You can learn about the criteria of the good examples and thoroughly examine essays that you find, or there is an easier way. To receive a decent academic essay writing sample, you can just find a verified site with different examples. Our site can propose you examples of different types of academic essays, and you can be sure about the quality. Our professional writing team has wide expertise in academic writing and is experienced in creating quality academic essay examples you need.

You can not only find examples on the site but also order writing or editing academic essay examples from our experts. They will help you to make the whole process easy and receive a high level of academic essay. Quality academic essay examples pass a lot of phases to comply with all the requirements regarding content, elements, and senses of the academic essay. According to the topic you chose, we provide you with a sample academic essay that is coherent, has appropriate wording, and understands the audience.

Main Elements of the Sample Essay You Need to Follow

Every program sure has its requirements regarding academic essay examples, and they are described in the assignment, so when looking for examples, keep in mind that your academic essay may differ. Still, there are standard sections of the academic essay and elements developed by Gordon Harvey. The list of elements of the academic essay sample contains 15 points, and they exhaustingly describe what should be included in every academic essay. Every academic essay element has some criteria, and only if complying with them can you be sure that the element is present in the examples.

So, academic essay writing examples should include thesis, motive, evidence, analysis, key terms, structure, stitching, sources, reflecting, orienting, stance, style, title, argument, and audience. Let’s briefly see what is included in each element of the academic essay examples and whether it is possible to omit any of them.

The thesis is the main idea of the academic essay examples. It should be arguable, stated at the beginning of the paper, and constantly ruling the academic content. The motive should reveal the importance of the academic essay and argue your personal interest in the exploration of the theme. Evidence you need to have several examples, as only one argument won’t convince you, so you have to find concrete references or citations. Finally, you have to make an academic analysis of the evidence regarding your essay and show how the parts of evidence form a whole picture that was not obvious before.

The key terms of academic writing essay examples are the author’s assumptions about the subject of discussion. Those should not be proven or too general. The structure is as crucial as the thesis, as it helps to formulate the last, and it must have logical and progressive order. To have academic essay examples look tied and coherent, you need stitching, as it helps to make a transition from one argument to the next. Your arguments need to be based on academic sources that add to convincing the audience in every argument.

Reflecting is the presence of the author in the academic essay examples when they stop on any argument and reflect on it. With orienting, the author helps a reader that is not competent to understand what the point is in academic essay examples by posing an orienting question and answering it. Stance reflects your relationship with the audience and essay theme and is transmitted through tone of voice and writing style. Understanding your audience is crucial to selecting appropriate wording, additional orienting, or stronger arguments for your academic essay.

The Structure of Academic Essay Writing Examples to Consider

Although the list of academic essay elements seems too wide, they need to be combined in the body of the examples. You have to interweave them organically to present coherent and readable academic essay examples to the audience. All the elements have to create a general format of the academic essay examples that are up to the requirements given by professors. Of course, academic essay examples have general requirements regarding formatting and structure. Let’s discuss them.

Formatting, as you can see in the example of academic essay, has its typical requirements. It concerns the order of writing elements, and it is crucial to preserve it. The right format helps the audience not to distract by the appearance and concentrate on an example of academic writing essay. Academic formatting requirements also include font, font size, indentations, and page margins that together form a neat look of the academic writing examples you present.

The structure of the academic essay examples is rather stable and consists of three main parts and five paragraphs. The introduction usually presents a thesis, which is discussed in the next phases in examples of academic writing essay you may have seen. It is crucial to formulate the subject in academic essay examples thoroughly as it gives the tone to the whole academic essay.

The main body of the essay example has three paragraphs, the next adding to the idea of the previous. Each paragraph in academic essay examples has sub-points that present arguments and details on each argument. Every paragraph has its topic sentence that presents the idea of the certain paragraph. Usually, a sample essay ends with the conclusion that sums up all the examples and arguments, and to a certain point, it repeats the idea you presented in the introduction section.

Best-Ever Example Academic Essay: How to Write a Winning One?

Any academic essay examples writing should be divided into stages. It will guarantee you the best result. Every stage is important. You cannot miss any, as it has its goals. Only after completing the goals of the particular academic essay examples writing stage can you start working on the next. This way, you can comply with the academic requirements and create a winning example.

So, what are the stages and what should be done to reach a high level of essay academic writing sample shows? First, investigate the assignment, and see what information and additional materials you will need. This stage is completed if you fully understand the task, what information you possess and what academic sources you should find.

Maybe an online sample of academic writing essay can help you to complete the next stage of defining a topic. Do not choose an overly wide theme of academic essay examples, as you won’t reveal the topic, but too narrow is not appropriate, as well, as you may lack expertise and show incompetence. After you define an appropriate theme, do the research to find appropriate analysis, sources, and information. It is crucial to understand the information that is up to date and from experienced academic essay professionals.

When you think you have found enough information, create an academic essay example where you outline the main points and prescribe the structure of the academic essay examples to follow. This stage aims to show whether you have enough information to complete the writing or if you need to fill in the gaps. After that, write the final academic essay, be sure to reveal all the main points of the topic, relax and go to the editing stage. Proofreading and editing are necessary to make the academic essay examples look neat and readable.