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Academic Essay Writing Samples and Formatting Rules

How Can an Academic Essay Example Help You?

At all stages in your education, you will be asked to write essays, from simple narrative essays through to more complex explanatory essays. These are asked for in every subject area and often will count towards any grades that you will receive. Often they are far harder to write than you would expect and this is why essay writing samples can be such a benefit. Our professional essay writers have provided a large number of samples for your education.

best essay writing samples

Our examples can help you to better understand the academic essay writing structure, the style of writing that you should employ within the different types of essays, and even what you should cover. Using a sample academic essay is often the best way to quickly see what is expected of you. However, please do remember that copying a sample is plagiarism. Samples are for educational purposes only and should never be copied, your own essay should always be written from scratch.

What Is the Correct Academic Essay Writing Structure?

If you look at an example of academic writing essay you will quickly see that many of them will follow a very simple structure. In most cases, they use what is known as the five paragraph structure. This is the simplest way to write an essay and the structure can be expanded to create lengthier or more detailed essays depending on your needs. The basic structure, however, will look something like this:

  • Introduction: this is where you will introduce what your essay is going to be about. You should always make your opening lines as interesting and attention-grabbing as possible. You want to hook in your reader and make them want to read on and listen to what you are going to say. This should be followed by your thesis statement, this is what you are setting out to show through your writing. After this, you should give a brief overview of what will be included within the main body of your essay.
  • Body paragraph one: the aim of the body paragraphs is to provide the reader with evidence that supports your thesis. The first paragraph should always be the strongest piece of evidence and should contain examples and details that prove your argument or support your thesis. The paragraph should end with a clear explanation as to how this supports your thesis.
  • Body paragraph two: this will follow a similar structure to your first body paragraph. This will usually include your weakest piece of evidence to support your argument and should have clear transitions that lead from one paragraph to the next.
  • Body paragraph three: this should be your next strongest argument and will follow a similar structure to the previous paragraphs in your essay.
  • Conclusion: this is one of the most important parts of your essay. It needs to briefly summarize the points that you have made and to clearly show how they successfully support the thesis from the start of your essay. Your essay should end with a call to action or a statement of your own personal opinion around the subject.

academic essay example online

How Should Your Essay Be Formatted?

In most cases when you are asked to write an essay you will be given precise instructions as to how the work should be formatted. This can include everything from how long your essay should be which you can check with an essay length calculator through to which particular academic style should be followed. Our APA example essay, for instance, can show you how an essay in this style should be laid out and how sources should be cited and referenced.

The following are just a few of the different academic formatting styles that you could be asked to follow within your essays:

  • APA: this the style applied by the American Psychological Association and is currently on its 6th edition. It is mainly used within the social sciences.
  • MLA: is the Modern Language Association of America’s style and is in the third edition. This style is primarily used within the Humanities.
  • IEEE: is the style promoted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This is used in technical fields such as computing.
  • Chicago: this manual is currently on its 17th edition and is widely used across many disciplines and within publishing.

Types of Essays You May Be Asked to Write

There are many different types of essays that you may be asked to write and each has its own specific aims and structure. The following are some of the most common forms that you may be asked to write:

Descriptive essays:
descriptive essay sample

download the sample

As the name suggests this form of essay is all about describing something using words. Typically it will be a rich essay that will use all of your different senses to describe a place, a person, or an event. It is an engaging way to describe one’s experience and impress the reader. One of the best tactics to make the reader feel more involved in the story is to use all five senses – smell, touch, sound, taste, and sight. Our descriptive essay sample will help you to understand how yours should be written.

Reflection essays:
apa example essay

download the sample

This is a form of a descriptive essay in which you write about something that has happened to you. This can be a real or imaginary event and should to relate how you have changed or learned from the experience. Reflective writing helps you to better understand yourself and think about our future growth and potentials. This is also a great way to check your critical thinking in addition to your writing skills. Use our reflection essay sample as guidance for your writing.

Narrative essays:
sample narrative essay

download the sample

This is a story that can be written from many different viewpoints and in many different styles. A narrative essay is usually told from a defined point of view (mostly a point of view of an author) and uses various methods to convey the desired feelings as well as some sensory details to engage the reader. Our sample narrative essay can help you with understanding how to write something in this style.

Persuasive essays:
persuasive essay sample

download the sample

These essays or argumentative essays try to persuade the reader to your particular point of view. You will use facts and evidence to show that your thesis is the correct one. Your main goal is to identify the most convincing evidence, find the key points for the opposing view and compare it with your point of you. Our effective persuasive essay sample can help you with your writing.

Exploratory essays:
exploratory essay sample

download the sample

An exploratory essay is not the same as an argumentative essay. This form of essay allows you to explore a problem, or an experience looking at different points of view in a neutral light without having to prove one. Often you will not have a thesis within this style of writing that you will need to support. Our exploratory essay sample offers you some guidance for the writing of this essay.

How to Write Your Perfect Essay

Whether it is best friend essay writing or an IELTS essay you will want to first sit back and think carefully about what you will do. The best essays are carefully planned and thought out if you want to achieve the grades and results that you are looking for. The following tips will help to support you with the writing that you need to do:

  • Select your topic area: what are you going to write about? Often you will be given a very fixed prompt that you will have to answer but at other times you may be given a certain amount of freedom with your writing. If you are able to choose your own select something that you have an interest in. Whatever subject you have to write in you should be prepared to do some in-depth research about it.
  • Create an outline: many students will launch straight into their writing. This can often result in confused essays that tend to jump around or lack flow. It is always best to create an outline to guide your ideas and writing. This can be as simple as a few notes on a basic 5 paragraph outline as to what should be in each section. Our example essay outline can help guide you with this.
  • Craft your thesis: what is this essay about? The thesis statement is usually in two parts, the first part outlines the topic area and the second will clearly state the point of the essay.
  • Write the body of your essay: it is usually easier to write the main body of the essay first once you have your thesis outlined. Use the basic structure outlined above for the body paragraphs so that each will have evidence that supports your thesis.
  • Write your introduction: ensure that your opening sentences are able to get the full attention of the reader so that you drag them into what you have written. The introduction must clearly state your thesis and outline what you will talk about in the main body.
  • Write your conclusion: sum up what you have covered and clearly show how your thesis has been proved through your evidence.
  • Review and check your work: always look to improve your writing. Consider its flow, the language that you have used and other aspects of your writing. Once finished revising it always carefully proofread to remove any errors in your writing.

apa example essay

Why Do Our Essay Writing Samples Have Good Hooks?

The hook is your opening. It is called a hook as you use it just as you would in fishing to reel in your reader. People are fussy about what they will read and if your opening does not manage to immediately capture their attention then they will lose interest right from the start. The following can help you with writing an effective hook for your essay:

  • Leave your opening sentence until last: it is often easier to write the opening once the rest of the writing is already complete.
  • Use a little-known fact: don’t use facts that everyone knows, try to find something that the average person would find startling.
  • Use a quotation: again, never use something that has been overused. Try to find something that is relevant and rarely quoted.
  • Use vivid imagery: get their attention by painting a picture of what your essay is about using effective words.
  • State the facts: if your essay is about something that is important, then simply spelling out the facts of what you will discuss in your essay may be enough.

How Can Our Professional Services Help You?

We don’t just provide you with English essay samples to help you with your writing. We also provide you with a full range of support across all subject areas to help you to submit writing at all stages in your education. Our help is available to native students as well as international students that are studying in any country in the world.

We do not simply provide you with writing advice and narrative essay samples to help you with understanding your writing. Through us you can get help with all forms of writing which can include writing essays and other papers from scratch through to paraphrasing and summarizing. We also offer you a wide range of editing, formatting and proofreading support to ensure that all of your papers will be completed to the standard required to get the best grades.

Our essay writers can help you with a wide range of different documents that include all of the following and  much more besides:

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Term Papers
  • Capstone papers
  • Research proposals
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Journal Articles
  • Personal statements

There Are Many Benefits to Working with Our Professional Services

Whether you need help with your academic essay format or you need help writing a higher paper we are here to support you. We provide you with everything you need to be able to use our support with full confidence:

  • Highly qualified writers and editors: all are postgraduate degree holders with many years of academic writing experience.
  • Free proofreading: even the best make mistakes which is why every service we provide comes with free checking to eliminate errors.
  • Original work: all writing is completed from scratch. We simply do not copy and your writing is supplied with a free plagiarism report.
  • A quick turnaround: you will select the date on which you want your essay delivered and we will ensure that it will be with you on time.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with all of the essay writing that we provide: if you have an issue and we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction we will refund your money.

Take a good look at our essay writing samples and support to ensure that you will submit papers of the highest standard for the grades you want.

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