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If you need to start your writing from scratch and you have no ideas yet, perhaps our ecommerce essay sample or this extract can can give you a few hints.


In Life without Principle, Henry Thoreau talks of various issues affecting the society. Thoreau talks of differentiating an individual from the community at large and staying a life in line with an individual’s works. He articulates the manner in which individuals make their livelihood plus the several minor things people perform only to obtain extra cash. Thoreau supposes that people ought not to get hindered with the means of cash as well as society. Therefore, in this research paper, the researcher holds the opinion that Thoreau’s essay clearly and unambiguously honours the significance of critical reasoning resulting in innovative ideas and cautions of the risk of the body and mind indolence.

Henry Thoreau’s Ideas on Critical Thinking In Life without Principle

According to Thoreau, a few persons hold back their views, feelings and opinion to the level that their ideas as well as assertions have trivial influence on their internal discourse or beliefs: “He described things not in or near his heart, but towards the extremities and superficies” (Thoreau, Para. 1). In the contemporary world, a few individuals value the notion that an individual may talk of issues without sincerely exposing his beliefs and opinion, while others disbelieve this notion. However, according to Thoreau, there exist reliability, integrity and genuineness in connecting personal beliefs to public utterance. Further, he states that there should be no disconnection between the inner and the outer self. He says “I would have had him deal with his privatest experience, as the poet does” (Thoreau, Para. 1). Hence, he ascribes sharing and exposing autonomous and liberated thoughts or opinion as authenticity and ideological not a sign of vulnerability. If individuals aspire to form a distinct and huge dissimilarity between that which they speak and which they believe, it just functions to promote and nurture insincerity. Other individuals might moderate that which they speak since they desire to be ambassadorial. However, it’s achievable to develop opinion into expressions without affronting or slandering other people.

The researcher further contends that Thoreau proposes that a few people may evade using their intellect in productive reasoning and discourse since these people rather propagate gossip and listen to “what trivial news I have burdened myself with” (Thoreau, Para. 1). It is highly pleasing to them to muse over other people’s thoughts rather than providing credibility to their innovative views and feelings. While other people inhibit their reasoning to increase their social status such as modern political leaders, who hardly ever expose their real plans since they desire to progress in politics and wish not to upset likely followers. Therefore, the politicians’ intellect is weakens due to involvement in self-dishonesty.

Thoreau states that also the specialists in specific matters are not esteemed and treasured for their real thoughts; instead their worth is in the manner they are advancing and corroborating specific community set agendas. Thoreau mentions how he was requested to talk about slavery, but realized that his real opinion on the subject were not truly respected or required. He writes “He and his clique expected seven eights of the lecture to be theirs, and only one eighth mine; so I declined” (Thoreau, Para. 1). He declined to lecture on what will contravene his opinion and principles while promoting other people’s ideas. This decline emphasizes on Thoreau’s honesty and autonomy. But presently, many “specialists” create ideas or concepts to vend for financial benefit. They disregard how suppressing their opinion underestimates their masterpieces, but instead they desire to have fame and high social status at all costs. Thoreau believes that people do not have to suppress their opinions to fit within the community. He admits, nevertheless, that the world might create difficulty in reasoning. He states “The world is a place of business […] there is no Sabbath” (Thoreau, Para. 4). Thoreau contends that individuals are pensive of work and leisure is seen as opulence. In the researcher’s opinion, leisure is favourable to people’s health since it is the time to unwind the mind, reflect and exploit pursuits not evocative of “work.” Similarly, Thoreau explains that cash obsession as well as gossip dictates that thinking and reflection are downgraded, weaken and undeveloped. He says “I think that there is nothing, not even crime, more opposed to poetry, to philosophy, ay, to life itself, than this incessant business” (Thoreau, Para. 4). He validly states that “nonstop business” spoils as well as destroys deep knowledge and stops individuals from sincere livelihood and understanding their existence. In the modern world, there are “buzzes” of continuous business exposure that deters sound thinking, denying individuals the means and time to involve in critical thoughts.

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