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E-commerce Essay Sample

Feeling lost or lack fresh ideas? Have a look at a sample kindly provided by our professional writers.


Nowadays, a lot of transactions take place over the internet due to the rapid change in technology. As result, a business owner should have strategies to protect the business platform from fraud activities from internet hackers. In order to reduce such cases happening to an online business and other chargebacks, the platform should have a number of privacy protecting features which on the other hand cannot be relied to reduce disputes with customers as a result of unworthy sales. A website has privacy policy which gives clear information about the kind of service being collected and also the way it will be used. Secondly, the website should have a user guideline which gives the basic code of conduct for users (Liang et al, 2011).

Some of the well-known websites include Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo. Each of them has a particular privacy policy in which it operates in. Google to start with has a privacy policy which help the user to understand the kind of data they gather, the reason for collecting the data and its use. In their website the user can search and also share particular information through communicating to their friends and other people and in additions allow them to add the content in the website. The data collected by Google from the user is used to better all the service provided to the users starting with the minor things like local language settings to the major and more complex ones like choice of various ads and the important persons to the user in the internet.

Google collects data from the user through a number of ways. First they collect through the information given to them by the user as many of the services they provide requires the user to sign up using their accounts whereby after that the user also gives personal information which can include things like name, their credit card, phone number or even email address in the accounts. In order to enjoy more benefits from google the user is also allowed to create a Google profile which can be viewed by the public with the user’s photo and name accompanied to it. Secondly, Google data from the user by collecting the data of the user through the services the user uses and the way they use such data which is collected from the model of the devices used, the user’s log in information using the internet protocol address of the user, their location information among others (Nissenbaum, 2009).

Facebook also has a privacy policy on which its user’s enjoy their service through. In Facebook depending on the service the user uses different types of data is collected either about the user or from the user. As the user enjoys Facebooking the data policy collects both the content and the kind of data provided by the user as they communicate and also the interaction with the various services together with the length of time you spent on that particular activity. Facebook also collects the data and it content provided by other people as they use their services about the user by for example sharing the user’s photo, communicating to the user through means of message, add a contact in the user’s account or even synchronizing the users information about their contacts (Debatin et al, 2009).

YouTube protects its users globally as it is very concerned to its useful privacy policies. A particular user can be blocked from enjoying the services if the user can be well identified through their bank accounts, Social Security numbers, their image, name or even voice and the phone numbers (Stein, 2013).

Yahoo also has privacy policies which are found in their Privacy Center and it explains how Yahoo uses the personal information which is collected from the user while using the Yahoo services or even their products. The personal information the user provides to Yahoo include their names, location, their phone numbers and email addresses. This policy covers on the companies which are owned and together with its employees and managers. In Yahoo also children with even as low as 13 years of age can have a Yahoo account which is under children’s privacy policy and it depends on the parent’s permission. It does not also allow sharing of personal among its employees and other people (Saft et al, 2009).


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