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Violence in Long Term Care Facilities Sample

Check a violence in long term care facilities sample written by professional writers!

Executive Abstract

Violence has been rampant in some countries such as Canada. Elder people have been abused in various ways. Special care is provided to old people and the aspect has affected many generations. In Canada, the long-term care has been considered dangerous. This study will evaluate the aspect of violence in long-term care facilities. For many decades, Canadians have been working in long-term facility care without violence unlike in Nordic countries. It is possible to reduce the rate of violence in Canadian facilities. The aspect of violence experienced by personal support workers draws on an international study to compare long-term, facility based care in Canada. According to personal support workers, violence is a constant part of working in the country’s facilities. In many parts of the world, violence has remained unaddressed. Most workers fear to report violence because they have enough time to follow documentation process involved in filing such cases. When workers fear to be blamed because of reporting violence, it becomes easy for the oppressors to continue oppressing them. Some of the violence associated with the workers are physical, sexual, and verbal. Workers in Canada have taken this kind of violence as part of the job, therefore, they are expected to tolerate.


Canadian long-term workers link violence with working conditions. The situation is dangerous because there is too much to do, less time, and too few resources in places of workers. Working short staffed has been the routine in long-term workers in Canada. This kind of violence has been rampant in Nordic countries and workers still experience greater flexibility on the job and greater communication among colleagues, these mitigate violence in the working places. The personal support in Canada express serious concerns for the increased care needs of residents and their lack of adequate training. Training provided to workers has never been adequate, therefore, requiring workers to attend on their own break time for more lessons. When one work under extreme condition, is itself a violence. When a Canadian end his or her day on working, they experience double exhaustion compared to normal workers from other places. There are various ways on how the aspect of violence can be addressed. It is important for the government to recognize chronic short staffing as a way of contributing to workplace violence. Through introduction of standards and provision of resources to meet, the standards will help to maintain conducive working environment. For many years in Canada, workers have not had a chance to voice out their views [CITATION Ant02 \p 85 \l 1033 ]. Violence in long-term care facilities has been a challenge to some countries.


Currently, the government has taken a step to protect the workers through various mechanism. Health and safety of a worker is an aspect that every organization should uphold. Violence in long-term care facilities has affected many elder workers since there was no actual policy to control how employers treat employees. Governments control organization issues such as health and safety in order to ensure workers and residents are protected in terms of health. For decades, employers have been circumventing the rules within facilities to favour themselves such as profit making, cost reduction, and efficiency. Canadian long-term care facilities are violent and dangerous at workplaces [CITATION Rob08 \p 38 \l 1033 ]. For many years, works have faced with difficult situation of violence, where they have been pushed, shoved, hit, and yelled at by their bosses. Racism and structural has been an aspect in the workplace, where violence in terms of physical, sexual, and verbal has been taking place. Various organizations have joined to fight the violence that appears at work places. For example, changes to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The organization strengthen protections for employees from places of violence and address the harassment that exist in working places.

According to Bill 168 amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, workplace violence means the exercising of physical force through an individual against a worker. The aspect could cause an injury to the employee. Workplace harassment means engaging in a course of vexatious conduct against a worker in a workplace. Currently, equal access to health care is a bedrock value that is held by several Canadians [CITATION KFr07 \p 48 \l 1033 ]. At all, level of life, universal access to health care is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to the services. Despite the fact that many workers that are in long-term care are women, gendered analyses are often absent in the research on long-term care. Harassment at workplace is a sociological challenge that affects developing countries and those places where some people are treated with superiority. Violence has been a long-term issue affecting many workers.

Structural Violence

The concept for structural violence is developed through peace studies. In the context of structural violence, the violence at the work place goes beyond physical and psychological aspect. Marginalization and exploitation is part of violence that workers face in long-term in some workplaces. The government is involved in providing workers with some services such as good house and medical facilities that enable the workers to work without distraction. Working is an important part of society because it provides people with income and thus, development in the economy of the society. According to Paul Farmer (1997), the concept of structural violence helps to understand explanation of disease causation. Farmer uses the aspect to connect the human actions. The aspect of harassment at wok has changed because of technology change that has allowed people to be independent without having to be employed. In the Nordic welfare, Sweden country has been recognised for harassing workers [CITATION KFr07 \p 25 \l 1033 ].

The Central Local balance in Swedish elder Care

In the Swedish constitution, local government practice autonomy and run its own affairs. People who make policy in the country are the locally elected politicians. The population of a country determines the employment number and workers; therefore, violence is rampant where many are employed. The Swedish vary in in size of population. It has been difficult to end impunity and violence in some countries because people fear to air out their rights and justice is not always served. Canadian criminal law does not guarantee people to report such incidences on a national basis. Elder abuse is not recognised as a crime in Canada and does not provide any legal strategy for reported cases. In Canada, reporting of such cases has been ignored because no responses to such incidences. Despite the absence of any federal mandatory reporting of elder abuse, various Canadians provinces adopted the mandatory for reporting such cases [CITATION Alb12 \p 78 \l 1033 ]. An example of such incidence is in the Ontario aspect, where few changes are made to the law, which governs long-term care homes in Ontario. Currently, measures for preventing the abuse and neglect of abuse in long-term care have expanded the compulsory reporting. The transition in the law have caused various changes that are problematic to all the partners and have not yet been resolved. In Ontario, police and other bodies of authority tried to bring change to the society in order to control the welfare of elder workers in the country. Adult guardianship law and the prevention of Abuse is a major aspect in the country. Extended care has been provided to those people who at times develop disability while still in the working place. When those suffer loss in the working are not treated accordingly, the aspect is referred to be violence. Various range of care services are extended care facilities. Some of the major services and facilities provided are nursing and convalescent homes, intermediate care facilities, and infirmaries in homes for the aged. In the context of nursing, long-term care for those having chronic illness and disabilities present an urgent challenge around the world. In some of the world such as in the United States, the extended care facilities are the growing segment of the health care industry [CITATION Boy05 \p 74 \l 1033 ]. Caregiving has specific characteristics that make it more effective to elders at home and in hospitals. Therefore, elder patients in hospitals receive their acre while still in hospital. In reference to many studies, the residential care in Canada shows that the public treats violence that goes unreported as normal. It is the work of the government to provide elder people with conducive environment and appropriate food in order to live stress free. With the current rate of population increase, the number of age people is expected to increase and only those elder that will receive adequate care will be able to live happily.

System change has been a dominant framework that local, state, and national funders across the world approach their work. Through the elder abuse and neglect initiative, the Arch-stone Foundation had several projects within California for encouraging systems change as a major objective. The aspect of abusing the elder people was evident in California, where many came to court to claim for protection [CITATION Bla52 \p 51 \l 1033 ]. Therefore, the court is treated as the main aspect for protecting the elders. There are challenges in acquiring the protection the elder people want because of barriers in acquiring the protection from the court and the effectiveness of court in provision of protection. Elder people have no one to fight for their rights. Measures have been taken to improve the quality of justice for abused elders accessing the court system. A country such as Los Angeles have approximately 10 million people living in the city and 27% of them are the old people. In the country many are living below the poverty line, thus, it is difficult for them to afford all private services provided by profit organizations. The aspect of increased number of poor people has resulted in an increased need for legal services to older adults.

Violence in the current century is described as frequently ascribed to the behaviour of some residents having dementia. Well-trained care workers have been used as major managerial containment strategies for improving the condition of the old people. There are always factors to impend the actual provision of good services to the old people [CITATION Kit04 \p 54 \l 1033 ]. Some studies have reported specifically on the ways that workers normalize violence as a part of care work. When dealing with long-term care facilities, mixed methods are less used. The major instrument for the government of control are legislation, state subsidies and supervision through central agencies. The legislation, the social services act was enacted in 1982 when the nature of a goal authorities for deciding on the means to reach the target. Findings from the aspect of the violence experienced by old people in different parts of the world helps to triangulate the main cause of violence among the old people and how it can be possible to eradicate abuse habits towards the old people. In most cases, violence take place when basic body care activities take place as the workers and residents interact. There is little attention to the timing of activities and related behaviours, which express violence. Different countries classify the aspect of caring for the old in different perspectives. When it comes to Sweden, the care support is more seen as a family issue rather than the Government Issue. Long-term care in Scandinavia offers a contrast to the Canadian model of care [CITATION Doy00 \p 68 \l 1033 ]. In Canada, municipality is the central point that provides elder with appropriate care and protect them from external factors that affect how they operate. Social care is an important aspect that provides old people with appropriate environment to live peacefully at their old age. When the old people are assisted at their old age, some of the services are homecare, retirement homes, and assisted living. In some countries the government provides shelter such as a home where different old people stays having people hired to care for them. There has been various challenges in providing the old people with appropriate care that is intended by the government. For many years, the availability of the resources has been an issue that determines the extent to which the government can provide services to the old people. It becomes difficult for the government to provide normal services to other people while at the same time concentrates on old people. Caring for the old people makes the aspect less effective because the government is responsible for taking care of the citizens in a country. Therefore, the best way to provide for the old people is to use family and other non-profit organizations. Corruption has been rampant in developing and some developed countries, therefore, making it difficult for the resources assigned for the old people to reach appropriate destinations [CITATION Boy05 \p 61 \l 1033 ]. Each country has its model of social care depending on the situation of the country. One of the countries that practice the social care on its old people is Scandinavia. Various characteristics relating to the model include; greater state involvement on provision of services, heavy reliance on the public sector, an advanced level of gender equality, co-ordinated national systems having over-all responsibility for pensions, sick-leave benefits, childcare allowances an health services. Employment structure in a country determines the old age services provision.

Violence in long-term care facilities is described in the sociological context and some determining factors are the culture, political system, and economic differences that set the context within the country. In some countries such as Scandinavia, the division of labour is not rampant. The level of care provided by different countries differ depending on the level of the economy and the country adaptation of the modern technology. Health care related training pronounce how a country is capable of caring for the old people in the country. Violence in many countries resulted employers, however, in some countries the violence originate from the family members and the residents of the region. For decades, the pattern of buying the items form shop changed [CITATION Ant02 \p 45 \l 1033 ]. The government is responsible for the controlling the relationship that exists between two different parties. When it comes to evaluating the services provided by citizens, some men are more dangerous. It is not possible to have all the characters known by two. Old people have no place to run to unlike me. This special aspect explains the issue affecting big brothers and young sisters around. In any decision making, one should seek for advice and ready to make what she feels right. Decision-making is autonomous and horizontal communication [CITATION Aya12 \p 21 \l 1033 ]. In Canada, workers are highly respected because they know what they are doing and despite the congestion, an individual can bite anyone when hungry.


Old people need deserve respect from all over the country starting from the government to family. Taking care of an old people has been a sociological aspect that determines the welfare of the country. Canada has been associated with the issue of providing old people with protection service against any attack and providing old people with appropriate care. Some countries have no issue to deal with the old people since that is the work of family member to take care of old people. Other countries set aside resources to take care of old workers. Currently, working people are treated with extra care from the companies since they are provided with protection services in terms of health and financial security. Sometimes workers encounter injuries in their work places and therefore, it becomes important to have various settings in an organization to take care of such incidences. According to the long-term care homes Act, every home need to develop a policy for promoting zero tolerance of abuse and neglect of its residents. Old age is a social stage where one is in the dependent bracket and need other to take care of him or her. Therefore, the government and other stakeholders are responsible for providing the old people with appropriate services that makes their life simpler. In some countries like Canada, old people run to court for searching the protection and care from the government. Some people face violence starting from their work places in terms of verbal and sometimes physical. Women are more prone to sexual harassment from their working places. Any aspect that create distress in human life is categorised as a sociological problem that need to be managed either sociologically or through other means possible. Therefore, violence in long-term care facilities has been an alarming in the sociological ground and needs to be addressed adequately in order to provide the old people with ample environment. In Canada, some unions have been formed to fight for the rights of citizens. The study has contributed to our understanding of the care needed to be given to old and retired workers.


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