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Paris Pledge

According to National Centre for Atmospheric Science (2016), the concept of global warming and its overall effect on the climate of the earth is very worrying. This trend has prompted nations to convene various meetings aimed at formulating strategies towards its reversal. One such convention is the Paris Pledge. Allen and Gokul (2015) predict that implementation of Paris Pledge could keep the global temperatures below two degrees Celsius.

How to make businesses, governments, and NGO’s sign Paris Pledge

The effects of global warming present threats to every human being on the earth, and thus require immediate solution. Many of the causes originate from human activities; therefore reversing global warming requires universal acceptance and commitment. The following objectives are analyzed:

Profitability should be part of the Paris Pledge. According to the Guardian (2014), research shows corporations that plan and incorporate climate change by limiting their emissions realize 18% return on their investment, and this represents 67% more compared to companies that have no plan to cut emissions.

Efficiency should be part of the Paris Pledge. According to Turn Back Tide 2015, using energy wisely implies using less energy in fulfilling our daily needs, and thus fewer emissions. This also reduces costs and minimizes the particulate pollutants in the air. Proper use of energy ensures sustainability in the end.

According to National Bureau of Economic research (2016), Economic growth is greatly affected by the climate change. Turbulent climate hampers agricultural output, which in turn affects the industrial output. In view of this, corporate bodies that intend to survive must embrace the idea of climate change and ratify Paris Pledge.

Manageable climate change also affects the employees. When companies act based on sustainable guidelines, they remain profitable, and the employees have secured job opportunities. In this regard, this crucial factor should be part of the Paris Pledge.

In the same context, sustainable businesses are an integral part of the larger society. They will pay taxes that ensure provision of the key social amenities like health care and roads among others. Consequently, this factor should be part of the goals of Paris Pledge.

It is worth noting that the emergence of threats from climate change has created innovations in various forms. According to World Food Program (2016), there have been energy efficient stoves, alternative fuels, and green structures among other vital innovations. Clearly, technological innovation remains an indispensable part of the Paris Pledge.

Implementation of Paris Pledge for Action

The world major trading blocs include Preferential Trade Areas (PTA), Free Trade Area (FTA), Customs Union, and Common Markets. The success of the Paris Pledge largely remains at national level. However, for wider acceptability, countries forming trading blocs may formulate standards favorable for the region under consideration. Such policies will compel governments, and businesses to comply with the set standards. Such standards may include specifications on goods produced.

According to Carbon Brief (2016), most countries had indicated ahead of the Paris Pledge, their “intended nationally determined contributions” famously abbreviated as INDC’s. However, major challenges that remain are transfer of technology and building the capacity of the existing personnel. Shifting to greener options require newer and better technology that may not be available in some countries. Moreover, the current personnel must undergo rigorous training in order to grasp the concept of using greener technologies. This may require time, finance, and commitment on the side of the nations concerned.

The threats of climate change are real and require our collective effort. It is important that nations, businesses, and individuals take Paris Pledge to heart for a better planet.


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