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You can really do a great job and now I see that it is not just empty words. I am extremely happy with my essay paper and with the way it is written. Quality of your services is amazing and your staff is by far the most experienced in the field of custom essay writing!

Bob T., Australia, Perth

Professional Essay Writers Suggest a List of Linking Words

Not many students are aware of the importance of linking words which are basically words that help people to connect ideas, sentences and paragraphs, so that the readers can easily follow them. Professional Essay Writers think that majority of students underestimate the importance of linking words, thus their essays look choppy and simplistic, so we decided to give you a few pieces of advice on linking words usage.

Professional Essay Writers Information On Linking Words And Their Usage

Professional Essay Writers agree that the first thing you need to know is that there are different types of linking words.

Place your most important assignment in the hands of professional essay writers and watch the magic happen. Professionals know how to transform your assignment instructions into a quality paper within the tightest timeline.

There are ones that give examples: for instance, for example, namely;

the ones that provide additional information: in addition, and, also, as well as, furthermore, besides, moreover;

the ones that help to summarize information: in summary, in brief, in short, to conclude, in a nutshell;

the ones that provide sequence of thoughts and ideas: firstly, secondly, finally, lastly, the following;

the ones that give some reasons: due to the fact that, because, as, since;

the ones that give results: so, therefore, as a result, it means that;

the ones that help to contrast ideas: however, but, although, nevertheless, despite the fact that, while, unlike.

Professional Essay Writers Agree That Linking Words Are Crucial In Essay Writing

As you can see, these are ordinary words that most people use in everyday speech, but oftentimes students think that linking words usage is inappropriate in formal writing and as a result get low grades. Professional Essay Writers believe that it is imperative to know and use linking words, because it is one of the best ways to make your essay look complete and more professional as well as easy for the readers to comprehend and follow.


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