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Professional Essay Writers Highlight Positive and Negative Impact of Modifiers in Essay

If you are writing an essay, there is a big chance that you will use modifiers. They are separate words, phrases or even clauses that describe some other word within that sentence. However, not everything is as easy with modifiers as one might think, because students usually run into problems when a modifier is placed in a way that it relates to something that wasn’t initially intended by the writer. Professional Essay Writers are aware of difficulties that students experience when using modifiers and decided to give some advice on that matter.

Professional Essay Writers Advice on Modifiers Usage

So, as it was mentioned earlier, modifiers are used to describe certain words in a sentence and when they are misplaced, readers might get confused as to what the author was trying to tell and misinterpret information. Professional Essay Writers suggest avoiding misplaced modifiers at all costs. To do so, one has to be conscious of its usage; try to place the modifier as close to the word or a phrase it is described as possible; watch out for words or phrases that are at a distance from the word being modified. If modifiers are misplaced, usually it sounds humorous, but it is not appropriate in formal writing including essay writing.

Why Use Us to Help with the Use of Modifiers

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Using Modifiers Correctly

The best way to look at modifiers and learn their importance is to look at some examples and to consider their actual meaning rather than what the writer may have been intending to say:

“Judy almost sold all of the toys at the car boot sale.”

In this case the modifier is the word almost. The meaning of this sentence is that she ALMOST sold ALL of the toys. Whereas what the writer meant to say was that she “sold almost all of the toys”. Putting the modifier at the wrong side of the word changes it totally and provides confusion.

Consider the use of “Just” as a modifier in the following three sentences and how it changes the meaning of the sentence:

  • Justine just waved to Mary as she entered the room. – Did not speak or anything else
  • Justine waved just to Mary as she entered the room. – She only waved to Mary
  • Justine waved to Mary just as she entered the room. – She waved when she came in

Professional Essay Writers Tips on Using Modifiers

As you can see, proper usage of modifiers is crucial if you want to convey a certain message, but be very careful when using them as they can change the overall meaning of a sentence and make it difficult to understand. If you have problems with essay writing don’t struggle on your own – turn to Professional Essay Writers and we will gladly write, edit and proofread your paper to make sure that it is flawless.


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