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Here is the professor's feedback " You did very well explaining the contrasting communication styles between the Americans and Germans. You also explained well the RIM power outage issue. I liked your use of outside sources in your assignment."

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How Do Professional Essay Writers Select Epigraphs for Their Essays?

Many authors use epigraphs to give a unique feeling to their writing. Epigraph is basically a short, insightful phrase that should relate directly to the action of the essay you are inserting it into. Also, some writers use epigraphs to relay a personal message or note sentiments about the writing process. There are two difficulties with writing a sound epigraph – selection of the right one and making it short for it to grab the reader’s interest and help to capture essential qualities of your essay. Professional Essay Writers know how to produce a great epigraph and decided to help.

Professional Essay Writers Provide Information On Selecting Epigraph For Your Essay

According to Professional Essay Writers, you should start choosing an epigraph by going through your material and highlighting all important insights, quotations and the most meaningful passages. Then you should make a list of these phrases or passages and rank them from most important to least important. If you can’t find a sound epigraph in your essay, try searching for a quotation by some literary figure, a politician or some historical figure. There are many books of quotations in your library and online, so that shouldn’t be difficult.

More Tips From Professional Essay Writers On Epigraph Selection

Professional Essay Writers think that epigraphs should be brief, so once you have chosen the phrase, try to exclude words and phrases that have the same meaning. If you are not satisfied with it yet, grab a thesaurus and find the words that best convey the message. Once that is done, polish your epigraph by trimming all unnecessary words while maintaining brevity. Rewrite it if necessary, to make it strong and once you do, put it just in front of the introduction of your essay and you are done.


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